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Process introduction

We provide 0.45-0.9mm, 0.9-1.25mm, 1.0-1.70mm, 0.224-0.65mm high intensity, middle density equipments of ceramic sand production line, which has a high fracturing intensity.


  • high automatic degree
  • High-yield
  • environmental friendly
  • Convenient control
  • high fracturing intensity

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Bauxite will be firstly crushed by jaw crusher and hammer crusher and then it will be conveyed to batching silo.
After batching with other material, materials will be sent to ball mill and grinded into powder. Classifier will be used after ball mill for size grading. Here raw material will be sent to silo again.
Then raw material will go to granulator and will be made into different size pellets. Pellets will be sent to screening equipment. Qualified size pellets will be conveyed to rotary kiln for calcination. Oversize pellets will be sent back for grinding.
After pellets calcined in rotary kiln, we get qualified product ceramic sand. At last, ceramic will go to cooler for cooling. And will go to screen to get different size ceramic sand and will be packed in ton bag. The production process ends.


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