Cement Production Plant

Process introduction

Cement production equipment and technology is the advantage of my plants ,my plant the production of cement rotary kiln, cement mill can be used in 50 tons to 1500 tons/day of cement plant.


  • high production capability
  • environmental friendly
  • advanced technology
  • Lower investment
  • Easy maintenance

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At present, our company can supply two types of cement production plant:

Type A - Complete Cement Plant: from limestone to powdery cement which includes limestone crushing equipment, calcination and grinding equipment, cement packing equipment.

Type B - Clinker Grinding Plant: from clinker to powdery cement which includes grinding equipment and cement packing equipment.

Type A process:

Mined limestone is delivered to the crusher for crushing by the belt conveyor, limestone after crushing ,clay, iron powder etc will be ground into powder by ball mill or vertical mill, and then transported by air delivery chute to raw meal homogenization silo for storing and further material mix. Raw meal shall get into the preheating decomposition system after homogenization where decomposition rate is about 95%, and raw meal is calcined into clinker in the rotary kiln, the formation of clinker. Clinker, gypsum and mixture is ground into qualified fineness cement in the cement mill. Classifier is adopted to adjust the fineness of cement, realizing energy saving production. Cement packing machine and automatic loading machine are used for bagged cement delivery, and cement bulk device for cement canning leaving factory.

Type B process:

Generally, the raw materials is clinker, slag, fly ash and gypsum, clinker is main raw materials, and other raw materials is additional materials, the additional materials can be replaced by other materials according to raw materials source.

The main machines of 1000tons per day cement production plant

Equipment name Model & specification Production capacity Quantity (Unit,set) Remarks
Single-stage hammer crusher PCD1612 100-140 1 Limestone crushing
Raw material dryer φ2.2×16m 9 1 Drying clay
Closed circuit raw meal ball mill φ2.6×10m 45-55 1 Raw meal preparation
Wind swept steel ball coal mill φ2.2×5.8m 5.5-7.6 1 Coal powder preparation
Rotary kiln φ3.3×52m 600t/d 1 Clinker calcining
Tubular cooler φ3.2×36m 28 1 Clinker cooling
High yield & high fineness cement ball mill φ2.6×13m 27-31 1 Cement production
Stationary packer 8808 30 2 Cement packing


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