Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

  • Type: PCL Vetical Shaft Impact Crusher
  • Max Feed Size: 50mm
  • Capacity: 20-520t/h
  • Processing material: rocks ,abrasive ,refractory,cement clinker ,quartz,iron ore and concrete aggregate etc

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Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher is also called Sand Maker. Our company developed this domestic, international, advanced level efficient crushing equipment combining the actual situation in domestic sand making, and it is based on the “stone hit stone ”principle and technology. It is widely used in all kinds of hard and brittle materials for medium, fine crushing. Such as rocks, abrasive, refractory, cement clinker, quartz, iron ore and concrete aggregate and so on. And for building sand, building road gravel, this series of crusher are the most appropriate.


1 The structure is simple and reasonable, the operating cost is moderate.

2 High broken rate, saving energy.

3 The function of fine crushing and coarse grinding.

4 Little influence by the water content, water content can reach about 8%.

5 Best for crushing medium hard and especially hard materials.

6 Excellent product grain size, cube shape, very few is pin sheet.

7 The impeller is less wear and tear, easy maintenance.

8 The working noise is not more than 75 decibel.

9 Easy operating and maintaining.

Working Principle

The materials vertically fall into the impeller through high-speed rotation from the top of the machine. Under the high-speed centrifugal force, the materials shunted with another part around the impeller in the form of the umbrella produce at a high speed, striking and crushing. Materials which are not bumping into each other, can form vortex striking with each other between impeller and case. And then they will be discharged from the under part directly, forming a lot of circulation of closed path. They will reach the required size through the controlling of the sieve.


Model Rev. of impeller
Max feeding size
PCL600 2000-2470 30 20-55 45-75 5.6 2800*1500*2030
PCL750 1500-2045 35 35-100 75-110 7.3 3300*1800*2440
PCL900 1200-1685 40 55-180 110-180 12.1 3750*2120*2660
PCL1050 1000-1430 45 90-260 180-280 16.9 4480*2450*2906
PCL1250 850-1300 45 160-380 280-380 22 4563*2650*3716
PCL1350 800-1185 50 200-250 400-440 26 5340*2940*3650
The capacity refers to limestone, professing capacity may vary with different materials and feeding sizes.

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