Jigging Machine

Type:Jigging Machine

Feeding size:1-12mm



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Jigging Machine is also known as trapezoidal Jigging Machine (side-action diaphragm jigger), it’s a gravity separation equipment. Water is the mineral medium, its sorting operation is based on the proportion gap of mineral ore and gangue. The full set jigger consist of four independent jig beneficiation slot, and each slot can be adjusted independently. The jigging surface is trapezoid, so it is high recovery and processing capacity.


1 High capacity.

2 High concentration ratio and high recovery.

3 Easy to install, operate and maintain.

4 The pulsation curve is saw-tooth wave shape facilitate heavy.

5 Can achieve a good result in processing, such as placer gold, mineral to settling.

6 Saving water 30-40% than ordinary jig.

7 The pulsation speed very easily adjusted by regulator.

Working Principle

According to ores’ specification density, you can flexibly adjust the jigger stroke and frequency. Jigger is widely used in gravity separation of tungsten, tin, placer gold, hematite, limonite, manganese ore, titanium, antimony, lead , tantalum, columbium and etc.

Currently, the diaphragm jigger is the most widely used jigger. According to diaphragm place, it has three types: upside driving diaphragm jigger, downside driving diaphragm jigger and side driving diaphragm jigger. According to the ore size, it has coarse jigger and fine jigger. Jigger chamber is shaped of rectangle, trapezoid and circular.


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