Hammer Crusher

  • Type: PC Hammer Crusher
  • Max Feed Size: 400mm
  • Capacity: 8-300t/h
  • Processing material: limestone, coal, salt, white Asian, gypsum, alum, brick, tile, coal gangue etc

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Hammer Crusher is regarded as the preferred equipment in small sand production line because of their features:less investment, high efficiency. They can transform the material form of steel strip and select the discharge. The series of products have the features of small volume, light weight, simple structure, easy operation and maintenance, high ratio of crushing , too little crush, even product  size, high producing capacity. The features of great hammerhead work ,adoption of new technology casting ,with wear and impact resistance make them be suitable for crushing all the materials of brittle, medium hard, and compressive strength 150Mpa.


1 Hammer head-work adopt of new technology casting ,with wear and impact resistance.

2 Adjusting grain size to cater for customers’ need.

3 Seal body structure solved the problems of crushing plant dust pollution and gray body leakage.

4 The overall design has attractive appearance, compact structure, less easy damaged parts, easy maintenance.

Working Principle

The motor drives the rotor of the hammer crusher rotate at a high speed through the belt. The materials are sent into the entrance of the crusher. They are crushed by the high speed hammer from blowing, impacting, cutting, grinding. Below the rotor, there are sieves, the little size products among the crushing products can be discharged through the sieve. The large size products are brought back to the crushed area by the hammer from blowing and grinding until they reached the required size. At last, they are discharged through sieve.



Max feeding size

Discharge Size





PCΦ400*300 200 <25 8-15 11 0.8 760*800*850
PCΦ500*350 210 <25 12-20 18.5 1.2 870*900*1020
PCΦ600*400 250 <30 15-30 22 1.5 1100*1000*1230
PCΦ800*600 300 <30 25-50 55 2 1250*1170*1380
PCΦ1000*800 300 <40 40-80 90 4 1450*1650*1800
PCΦ1000*1000 300 <40 60-120 110 8 2150*1940*1920
PCΦ1200*1000 350 <40 80-150 130 9.8 2450*1970*2220
PCΦ1250*1250 350 <40 90-150 180 16 2630*2180*2220
PCΦ1200*1600 350 <40 100-180 260 23 2300*2180*2400
PCΦ1400*1400 400 <40 120-200 280 32 2790*2800*2310
PCΦ1600*1600 400 <40 150-300 480 37.5 3350*3120*2660

The capacity refers to limestone, professing capacity may vary with different materials and feeding size.

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