Dual-chamber Rotary Crusher

  • Type: SHP Dual-chamber Rotary Crusher
  • Max Feed Size: 250mm
  • Capacity: 15-120t/h
  • Processing material: metallic ore, non-metallic ore,building chemical raw materials ,cement clinker ,refractory etc;

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Dual-chamber Rotary Crusher is a new type crusher that can replace fine jaw crusher, cone crusher .The Crusher has bright prospect in mining mineral processing industry .It’s work part is high-speed rotary crushing roller .The crushing roller and one pair eudipleural archy crushing board coupler make up two optimized crushing chambers to make the crushing roller do lateral pendulum movement .So they can produce powerful cyclic extrusion force to crush the materials alternately in the two crushing chamber continuously and gradually .The products are discharged continuously from the discharge opening . They are widely used in metallic ore, non-metallic ore,building chemical raw materials ,cement clinker ,refractory with the compression strength no more than 60 Mpa of all kinds rock ore materials in medium,fine,extra-fine crushing coarse grinding task .This machine one can replace many machines,simplifying processing ,saving investment .The crusher is the ideal crushing equipment for the small and medium dressing plant ,cement plant ,etc.


1 Small vibration,large handling capacity,effective fine crushing .

2 Easy maintenance,low cost,low consumption of the crushing organization .

3Electricity consumption is 0.3-0.5kwh/t ,reducing above 50% compared with the traditional crusher .

4Realize“the more crushing & less grinding ”,the materials are crushed by laminating crushing .The high fine fraction In the product size distribution ,when the feeding size <80 mm, product size <12mm is about 80%,the product size <6mm is about 50%. And there are crevices in particles thus improving the grinding efficiency 10%-20%.

Working Principle

The Dual-chamber rotary crusher’s work part is a eccentric rotation round roller .The round roller and ratchet concave side crushing board which is fixed equipped on the two sides symmetrically are coupled .They formed two high efficiency archy crushing chambers .There is high inclination-angle non-blocking discharge opening .The materials enter into the crushing chamber from the materials inlet at the same time .Under the force of the eccentric rotation round roller’s lateral pendulum movement ,the materials are compressed ,grinded and separation in turn and they are crushed under the combined actions .The crushing task is taken alternately in the two crushing chambers .Every crushing chamber is effective and take the products out rapidly.


Model Max feed size(mm) Discharge size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Power(kw)  Weight(t)
SHP0604 100 0-30 15-40 22 4.8
SHP0507 120 0-30 25-60 30 6.98
SHP0608 150 0-30 35-80 37 9.8
SHP0812 250 0-30 45-120 55 12.5
The capacity refers to limestone, professing capacity may vary with different materials and feeding sizes.

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