Double Teeth Roll Crusher

  • Type: 2PGC Double Teeth Roller Crusher
  • Max Feed Size: 800mm
  • Capacity: 20-185t/h
  • Processing material: all kinds of medium hard ore and rock

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Double Teeth Roll Crusher is mainly used for primary and medium crushing of brittle block materials in mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, coal etc. It has the features of large feeding size, adjustable discharge size, crushing the material with compression resistance no more than 160Mpa. Especially in the coal industry, the crusher can used for crushing raw coal, only through the de-ironing, edulcoration, no need removing the waste rock. They can crush the materials directly, the crushed materials of uniform product size, low excessive crushing ratio, thus simplifying coal preparation technique, reducing the investment and cost of production.


China Juxin coal roll crusher has the wedge or gasket adjusting device, and they are mainly used to efficiently adjust the size of the final products.Motor is the key power for this series of used roll crusher, and in normal suitation, every double roll crusher is transmitted by two sets motors. Of course, for the safety, we can install the  safety shield for the transmitted device.

Working Principle

There are wedge or gasket installed between the two rollers and adjustable bolt installed on the top of the wedge device. When the adjustable bolt pulled up the wedge, the wedge will make the moved roller getting off the fixed roller.

The gap between two rollers become bigger, so does the discharge size. On the contrary, the gap become smaller, so does the discharge size. Gasket device can adjust the discharge size through increasing and decreasing the gasket numbers or thick and thin. When increasing the gasket ,the gap between two rollers become bigger, conversely, the gap and discharge size become smaller.


Model Roller diameter
Roller Length
Max feed size
Discharge size

Roller number



2PGC450*500 450 500 100 0-25 20 64 11 2 2260*2206*766 3.1
0-50 35
200 0-75 45
0-100 55
2PGC600*750 750 500 300 0-25 60 50 22 2 3265*2850*1310 7.4
0-50 80
600 0-75 100
0-100 125
2PGC900*900 900 900 800 0-125 75-150 37 68 2 3945*3405*1895 13.7
The capacity refers to limestone, professing capacity may vary with different materials and feeding sizes.


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