Double Rotor Ultra-fine Crusher

  • Type: 2PCX Double Rotor Ultra-fine Crusher
  • Max Feed Size: 200mm
  • Capacity: 15-120t/h
  • Processing material: calcite ,limestone , cinder brick ,slag ,shale, gangue ,construction waste etc

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Double Rotor Ultra-fine Crusher is developed by Xingyang Juxin machinery Co.,Ltd which is widely used for crushing calcite, limestone, the cinder brick, slag, shale, gangue , construction waste and so on. This solved the problems of using gangue and cinder as brick adding material, in fuel and using waste rock, shale to produce standard brick, hollow brick material humidity for crushing. Double rotor ultra-fine crusher equal to two hammer crushers and this two parts combine together reasonably, two sets of rotors used in tandem model.


1 The series of crushers have two consecutive broken through double rotors ,without screen section equipment ,all kinds of wet residue can be crushed ,that is to say ,fished from the water of material also can be crushed at any time .No existing bond and plug phenomenon .Controlling material size is just to control the space between the crushing hammerheads .The common crusher will cause plug because the material stranded in the crushing cavity .And this will lead to relative parts increased  wear .This crusher can avoid the phenomenon completely .

2 High alloy hammer ,the hammerhead and hammer handle combining together to use ,only to change the hammerhead ,not change the hammer handle .

3 The unique shift adjustable gap technology ,there  is no need to repair the wearable  hammerhead ,moving the location for repeatedly use .A hammer is equal to three hammers in using.

4 The crusher is bi-directional rotation through continuous operation mode of two-way divisions .It is convenient for hammerhead and broken teeth board to wear evenly and reduce the frequency of stopping machine , replacement of wearing parts .

5 The uniform discharge size ,high ratio of crushing ,high yield ,low energy consumption ,crush material more than 20 ton per hour ,the cost of crushing per ton cinder is not more than 1.8 yuan .It is suitable for fine crushing those brittle materials ,no plug ,less dust ,low noise .

6 Shorten the time that the material stranded in the crushing chamber ,improve the life span of the wearing parts .

7 It is suitable for crushing brittle materials ,No plug,less dust ,low noise .

8 Easy installation improve the equipment degree of freedom largely .

9 Quick repair .The top side door of the crusher can open easily .It is more convenient and quick for repairing the crusher and change the wearing parts ,thus shorten the repairing time.

10 Electric-hydraulic operation ,only one person can operate ,repair ,change parts easily .

Working Principle

When working, the double motors drive the two sets of rotors in tandem to do a high-speed rotating at the same time .The material inside the plane cavity are crushed by the higher rotor and re-crushed immediately by the lower rotor with rapid rotation. The material inside the plane cavity have mutual rapid collision and mutual shattered to get hammer powder. The effect of the powder formed cinders particles with the discharge size less than 3mm. The particles can meet the tile factories' need for making Internal combustion bricks.


Model Feed Size
Discharge size
Moisture Content Power
2PCX400*600 ≤80 ≤3 (95%) 8-15 ≤30% 22+22
2PCX600*600 ≤100 ≤3 (95%) 10-30 ≤30% 45+45
2PCX600*800 ≤100 ≤3 (90%) 20-40 ≤30% 75+75
2PCX800*1000 ≤100 ≤3 (90%) 30-55 ≤30% 90+110
2PCX1000*1000 ≤120 ≤3 (90%) 45-80 ≤30% 132+132
2PCX1000*1200 ≤120 ≤3 (90%) 80-100 ≤30% 160+160
2PCX1000*1400 ≤120 ≤3 (90%) 100-120 ≤30% 185+185
The capacity refers to coal gangue and shale, professing capacity may vary with different materials and feeding sizes.

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