Double Roll Crusher

  • Type: 2PG Double Roll Crusher
  • Max Feed Size: 100mm
  • Capacity: 2-50t/h
  • Processing material: all kinds of medium hard ore and rock

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Double Roll Crusher is also called Double Roll Sand Maker. It is used for medium and fine crushing of all kinds of medium hard ore and rock in mineral separation ,chemical industry, cement, building materials industrial department. The crusher consist of engine body, roller, safety spring etc. Transmission is driven by motor across belt that the rollers are rotate in two directions. Rollers space can adjust within the prescribed limit to control the discharge size. 2PG400x250, 2PG610x400, 2PG750x500 are used as sand maker in sand making industry and for super fine crushing in particular industry. 2PG900X900 is used for medium crushing.


1.Compact and flat design resulting in a low/flat overall height of the crushing plant
2.Easy replacement of crushing segments and comb plates
3.Insensitivity to smeary, ductile, wet and sticky feed materials
4.Inclination of side walls is adjustable to improve material feed and intake of larger feed lumps
5.In most cases pre-screening is not necessary, as the fines contained in the final product can smoothly pass through the crushing tools
6.Low dust burden
7.Low specific wear rate due to slow circumferential speeds
8.Minimum quantities of fines in the final product due to low circumferential speed and special.

Working Principle

There are wedge or gasket installed between the two rollers and adjustable bolt installed on the top of the wedge device. When the adjustable bolt pulled up the wedge, the wedge will make the moved roller getting off the fixed roller.

The gap between two rollers become bigger, so does the discharge size. On the contrary, the gap become smaller, so does the discharge size. Gasket device can adjust the discharge size through increasing and decreasing the gasket numbers or thick and thin. When increasing the gasket ,the gap between two rollers become bigger, conversely, the gap and discharge size become smaller.


Model Roller diameter
Roller Length
Max feed size
Discharge size

Roller number



2PG400*250 400 250 25 0.5-8 2-10 180 11 2 1430*980*795 1.3
2PG610*400 610 400 75 0.5-20 4-20 60 30 2 3600*1470*888 3.9
2PG750*500 750 500 100 0.5-20 10-30 50 44 2 2530*3265*1316 8.95
2PG900*900 900 900 100 0.5-20 15-50 37 60 2 3955*2360*1987 22.935
The capacity refers to limestone, professing capacity may vary with different materials and feeding sizes.

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