Bucket Elevators

  • Type: TH series of Bucket Elevators
  • Capacity: 59-185t/h
  • Max feeding size: 35-60mm
  • Application: ore dressing,building materials ,chemical industry etc

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Bucket elevators is applied in the vertical conveying of abrasive powder, granular and small lump materials, such as grain, coal, cement and crushed ore, etc., and its transportation height can reach to 28m.The bucket chains are characterized by simple structure, stable operation hybrid or gravity discharge. The wheel rim uses combination sprocket, and it is easy to replace and has been specially treated to ensure a long service life. The underpart is equipped by gravity automatic tensioning device, so that it can maintain a constant tension to avoid slipping off the chain. The material temperature can not exceed 250 ℃.


1. Excellent sealing, less environmental pollution.

2. Easy Operation and maintenance, less wearing parts.

3. Energy conservation and less maintenance ensure the machine a very low cost.

4. Advanced design principle has ensured the reliability of machine operation.

5. High accuracy. The housing case is of good rigidity and beautiful appearance by the edge folding and intermediate beading.

6. Small size. Compared with other machines which have the same lifting capacity, size of this machine is smaller.

7. Transmission capacity. The series hoist NE15~NE800 a variety of specifications. Enhance the volume range of 15 to 800m3 / h.

Our company manufactures various bucket elevators, such as bucket conveyor, bucket type lifter, ore elevator machine, mixing bucket and stone bucket.

Working Principle

While high efficiency hoist plastic buckets for bucket elevators is energized, the driving device drives pulley to make the bucket belt doing the circular motion from bottom to up. The bucket is filled with material and convey to the head terminal, then the material is thrown from the outlet under the action of centrifugal force according to the parabolic design. After discharging, the empty bucket is back to the foot by conveying and be filled again, then the machine do repeated movement just like before.




Hopper type

Hopper volum(L)

Max feeding size(mm)


TH315 1.1

SH(deep hopper)

6 35 59
TH400 1.1

SH(deep hopper)

9.5 40 94
TH500 1.5

SH(deep hopper)

15 50 118
TH600 1.5

SH(deep hopper)

23.6 60 185
The capacity refers to limestone, professing capacity may vary with different materials and feeding sizes.

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