Bucket Elevator Sand Washer

  • Type: XS Wheel-Bucket Sand Washing Machine
  • Capacity: 20-400t/h
  • Power: 5.5-15 kw
  • Application: high way ,water and electricity ,building industry etc

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XS series Sand Washer is bucket fine ore dressing equipment. And they are widely used for washing and dehydration of building stone and stone sand. They have the advantages: reasonable structure, easy maintenance. Large handling capacity, low power consumption, high abluent degree.


1 Large handling capacity, small power consumption.

2 Long life, easy maintenance.

3 Saving water resources.

4 No pollution, high abluent degree.

5 Reasonable structure. Impeller drives bearing devices, water and materials, which are separated to gradely avoid the bearings damaged phenomenon from soaking water, sand and pollutant.

Working Principle

1 Double helical blades movement in opposite directions, homogeneity.
2 oblique tooth reducer, large torque, and long life.
3 special designed protective door, easy maintenance.
4 double-way S-style screw blade.
5 timer (0-30 minute). When working,the motor drives the impeller turning slowly through triangle belt, reducer and the gear. The gravel enter into the tank-washer from feeding trough and rolled under the impeller’s driving. They are grinded each other, removing the impurity covered on the gravel surface and destroy the water vapor window coated particle help to dehydration; At the same time, the feeding water form powerful flow to take the impurity and low specific weight foreign body away in time. They will be discharged from the overflow port of the tank-washer. The washing action is finished. The cleaning gravel is taken away by the impeller, the gravel are poured into the blow tank from the rotary impeller to achieve the gravel wash action.



Diameter of impeller

Feeding size




XS2600(I) 2600 ≤10 20-80 5.5 2.4
XS2600(II) 2600 30-90 7.5 2.9
XS2800(I) 2800 60-150 7.5 5.1
XS2800(II) 2800 160-250 11 8.6
XS3200 3200 240-300 11 11.4
XS3600 3600 280-400 15 16.7

The capacity refers to limestone, professing capacity may vary with different materials and feeding size.

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