Installation test and operation procedure of hammer crusher produced by Juxin Machinery Co., Ltd.

After the customers buy into the hammer crusher,you must operate according to the instructions to avoid unnecessary damage to the hammer.The following is Juxin machinery explain the hammer crusher installation test machine and operating procedures for everyone:1.Position is important before you are ready to install,the foundation Close to the raw material and the broken equipment should be firm and reliable.2.After position,hammer broken anchor must be fixed well by supporting bolt.Set aside mi…


Customers prefer the Environmental sand and gravel production line equipment

In the operation of the equipment of the production line,sand and gravel and crushing equipment must be controlled well.Cannot add excess stone, which will lead to blockage of equipment and reduce the production efficiency.In the production we should always pay attention to the temperature of the equipment of sand and gravel production line, control the temperature is also a very important factor in the production.To make production running smoothly, a familiar staff of operate sand stone product…


The new generation of Juxin compound crusher continue to improve for meeting the needs of customers

To meet the needs of users is the key to adapt to the market competition. Xingyang City Juxin Machinery Co., Ltd. in order to meet the customer demand, we will continue to improve the existing technology, make new breakthroughs in technology and performance and create a new generation of compound crusher.This new compound crusher, with high efficiency and environmental production, breaks the limitations of previous broken equipment. Inder the premise of no dust pollution, it has greatly enhanced…


Daily maintenance methods and steps of the vibration feeder in stone production line

1.Must be cleaned regularly for automatic feeder.Vibrating feeder usually accumulate a lot of dust in the dust environment of the stone factory.2.Feeder with function of metering , we shouidpay attention to the normal operation of the cleaning device all the time.In order to achieve accurate measurement, we must ensure the timely cleaning of the relevant belt materials, especially in the process of transporting the wet material.3.Vibrating feeder sensor is installed in the casing produced by Jux…


Dry cement technology and equipment innovation research and development achieved fruitful results

In order to lead the transformation and upgrading of Chinas cement industry and building material industry of China, achieve green manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, high-end manufacturing, achieve a comprehensive upgrade of Chinas new dry process cement technology and equipment, achieve energy-saving emission reduction in cement industry of our country, improve labor productivity, lower the cost to realize Chinas cement industry larger and stronger and lead the development of the cement i…


What progresses does the configuration scheme of New-type sand gravel production line make?

Firstly:The advantage of the crusher used in the sand gravel production line The crusher used in the sand gravel production line can achieve sand form at a time,reduce complex parts of crushing and screening material links,reduce the use of site and different sizes of materials can be stored centrally in different bin to meet the needs of customers.Not only the output is very high, but also the cost is very low.New dust collector equipment professional production line has been moving towards…


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