The reason of overload of cement rotary kiln

The overload of cement rotary kiln is mainly due to: ore feeder is too big which is beyond the amount of cement rotary kiln.The cement rotary kiln outlet is blocked so grinding material discharged cannot go out. And with the increase of the feed finally it leads to overload.To prevent cement rotary kiln from overloading, we should observe from two aspects and listen:To see whether feed end of the cement rotary kiln appear the phenomenon that feed cannot go into.To see the current change of rotary…


Analysis of the reason for raw material leakage phenomenon in slime rotary kiln production

Some customers found the leakage phenomenon of raw materials in the use of lime rotary kiln process, our company technical personnel summarize the causes of this problem. I hope that can help users.1.The operator should make a correct judgment. In the accident of raw material running, when it just began to appear, if the operation personnel failed to make a correct judgment, it will lead to leakage phenomenon of the raw material.2.At the time of feeding, no matter what the problem of fuel is, bu…


What are the ways of the discharge of the ceramic sand rotary kiln

What are the ways of the discharge of the ceramic sand rotary kiln? Today Juxin Machinery will introduce the ways of the discharge of the ceramic sand rotary kiln for everyone and analysis of the ceramic sand rotary kiln commonly used in 2 ways: the disc feeder and the oscillating tooth roller mill.Disc feeder main composed for a rotating disk, disk is provided with a removable cast steel liner and lining plate is cast with a diamond tooth and blanking holes of varying sizes. When the rotating d…


Various indexes of cement rotary kiln

The general efficiency of cement rotary kiln is decided by many aspects. Under normal circumstances, the speed and volume of feed kiln is proportional relationship, if feeding amount is too large or too small will seriously affect the running speed of rotary kiln even leads failure. So we need reasonable adjust the feed quantity and size.In the differentiation in the furnace, the powder is endothermic elements and the disposal technology target. When the feed is too small, large amount of heating…


The common faults and its treatment method of ceramic sand rotary kiln

Now let’s have a look at the common faults and treatment methods of ceramic sand rotary kiln produced by Juxin Machinery.1.The ash unloading valve blocked with debris. The treatment is to take out the debris;2.The unloading valve turning plate is not flexible, the ash is not easy to fall down which resulting in ash blockage. Treatment is to deal with the ash unloading valve to make it flexible and uniform discharge of ash timely. Due to the blockage of the skin, should find out the cause of the …


Basic requirements for the normal operation of rotary kiln supporting roller system

With the continuous development of the machinery industry, rotary kiln is constantly updated。We focused on the research and development of rotary kiln and our production of rotary kiln has reached the domestic advanced level.1.If the rotary kiln tug radial force is too large, shaft and tiles force will be increased that will lead to increased ovality because of friction, which makes the oil film damage and fever. We should adjust rotary kiln tug force to reduce the load on the tug and replace th…


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