How much is it if we invest lime kiln with the production of 1000 t/d?

The requirements of market for active lime is higher and higher. Because the traditional production line of lime kiln is backward, the scale is small, the quality is poor, the energy consumption is low, the environmental pollution is heavy, so it cant meet the demand of the lime industry today. While the new environmental protection lime kiln production line can meet the needs of the market for large-scale, modern, green development, it becomes the "darling of the market. Informed from Juxin…


Concrete measures for the transformation of the vertical grinding mill

Build a platform on the side of the shell of the slag vertical mill, remove the original downpipe which goes into the mill directly, install a screw conveyor, the belt chute angle is changed into a vertical chute, slag goes into the vertical blanking chute by belt feeding machine, then through the new installed screw conveyor fall into the mill.Through this transformation, slag vertical mill solves the chute plug caused a halting problem easily, it can improve the operating efficiency of the slag…


The transformation of the slag vertical mill feeding device to improve the operating rate

Compared with the ball mill, vertical mill can better meet the demand of the high moisture content of the slag grinding materials. However, for some enterprises use the slag which is fish out from the pool as the raw material. The slag water content is too high that slag vertical mill will not meet, so mill feed chute frequent plugging material, material bed is formed not good. If it cant be improved, it will lead to slag vertical mill productivity reduce and increase energy consumption which is …


What’s the price of the nickel slag grinding mill equipment investment?

Aiming at the problem of poor grind ability of nickel slag, Juxin machinery launched a national patent GRMS nickel slag vertical mill, the nickel slag vertical mill not only adapt to high hardness materials, but also greatly improve grinding efficiency, reducing power consumption of grinding, grinding noise and construction investment. Production of nickel slag specific surface area is 450 square meters / kg and its activity reached maximum for 28days, which can be completely suitable for cement …


Analysis of common errors in the use of cement rotary kiln

When we use cement rotary kiln cement calcining, the cement rotary kiln production efficiency is low or cannot be normal production because of the manufacturing and installation errors, which will affect the economic benefits of enterprise users. So in the selection and operation of cement rotary kiln, we should avoid what unnecessary mistakes.In practical production, the cement rotary kiln roller is too long and its diameter is too large in order to improve the yield. But the consequence is that…


The matter cannot be ignored in hoisting rotary kiln

Before hoisting rotary kiln, we must do some preparation so as to ensure its normal operation. Today, we will talk about this problem and I hope it’s useful for you.Installation of rotary kiln is a direct impact on the stability of the transmission system of rotary kiln and rotary kiln operation as well as affects the operation efficiency and service time of the rotary kiln. It can be said that plays a decisive role in many of the performance indicators used for rotary kiln.First of all, we shou…


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