How to choose equipment for limestone crushing production line?

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From:Xingyang Ju Xin Machinery Co., Ltd. Data: 2020-06-10

How to choose equipment for limestone crushing production line?

Limestone is mainly composed of calcium carbonate, which belongs to medium and low hardness rock. Because of its good friability and low abrasiveness, it is widely used in the production of building aggregate. So, how to choose equipment for limestone crushing production line?

In the past, because of the low hardness of limestone, many customers chose the crushing mode of jaw crusher + impact crusher, jaw crusher + hammer crusher. Now, due to the large-scale production requirements of the sandstone field, the cone crusher has also become a common equipment for limestone crushing production line.


Common configuration of limestone crushing production line:

1.Jaw crusher + Impact crusher: It is a widely used process at home and abroad, which is mostly configured in many enterprises. The process is mature and reasonable, with high operation rate and moderate equipment investment.

2.Jaw crusher + Hammer crusher: The process is simple, the equipment investment is small, but the operation rate is low, and there are many powder materials.

3.Impact crusher + Impact crusher, Hammer crusher + Hammer crusher: In China, it is a process after the primary impact crusher is mature, characterized by short process, low power consumption, high operation rate and moderate equipment investment. However, due to the limited size of the second break feed, this mode is not suitable for large size stones.

4.Jaw crusher + Cone crusher: This process is generally used for the crushing of medium and high hardness stones, but it has not been widely used in limestone aggregate processing in the past. In recent years, with the demand of sand and stone entering the outbreak period, the national requirements for the size of sand and stone field tend to be large-scale. Cone breaking is more and more applied to the limestone aggregate crushing production line because of its high efficiency and large output 

Compared with the impact breaking and hammer breaking, cone breaking not only has a large output, but also has a lower wear on vulnerable parts and a longer service life of the machine. Moreover, with the continuous improvement of cone breaking performance and the emergence of new products, multi cylinder hydraulic cone breaking uses the principle of lamination breaking, which also solves the problems of poor aggregate shape and many needles and flakes in the traditional cognition of many customers.

Generally speaking, it is advisable to use cone breaking instead of impact breaking and hammer breaking in limestone aggregate crushing production line. Although the initial investment cost is higher, the later maintenance cost will be relatively lower. When selecting equipment, we can fully consider market factors, product quality and comprehensive operation cost of the production line, and then analyze the economic benefits according to local conditions to select the appropriate scheme.

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