Working Characteristics of Teeth Roll Crusher

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From:Xingyang Ju Xin Machinery Co., Ltd. Data: 2016-03-12

Teeth roll crusher is our one of main products, it is been widely used in coal,and ore dressing industry. Generally,its working characteristics as following:

double teeth roll crusher

1.Increase material surface area

The surface area of crushed material increases, can improve the physical effects and chemical of the reaction rate.For example, mixing different types of ore, if the materials is crushed more fine,the degree of mixing is higher. Similarly, in the process of dressing gold, iron, the ore stone is crushed more fine, the productivity is higher. Cement clinker calcination is a kind of solid phase reaction, the reaction rate is associated with material crushing strength,  material is broken more fine, the faster the reaction speed, the corresponding sintering speed is faster, which saves some of the excess fuel.

2.Teeth roll crusher produces concrete aggregate and artificial sand;
Production of concrete needs various particle sizes of aggregate, they are from large pieces of stone, this large stone is crushed,screened and then get various particle size of gravel. When natural sandstone is insufficient, can get artificial sand by crushing stone method .

3.Teeth roll crusher make useful components dissociate in ore stone
Crushing and grinding operation in ore dressing operation is used to separate all kinds of useful minerals from symbiotic impurities. Material after dissociation can use the method of ore dressing separation to remove out impurities, then get pure concentrate ore.

4.As preparation for the next processing ;
In coking plant, sintering plant,building materials and powder metallurgy departments, generally, the size of raw materials used is big , require to grind to a certain size for further processing. In food, chemical, fertilizer, pesticides and other industrial department raw materials often is broken into powder, and then put into use.

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