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From:Xingyang Ju Xin Machinery Co., Ltd. Data: 2020-06-08

Science popularization of knowledge:

The reason and solution of low rate of Raymond grinding powder

Raymond mill is an earlier and more widely used grinding equipment in powder industry. According to statistics, Raymond Mill accounts for more than 70% in powder industry. Many customers feedback that in the process of using the machine, there will be a problem of powder yield, which directly affects the output and economic benefits of the whole production line.

Next, let the technical engineer take you to find out the reasons and solutions for the low powder yield of Raymond mill.


1. The powder lock is not tightly sealed

If the seal of powder locking device is not tight in the production process of Raymond mill, the phenomenon of powder back suction will occur, resulting in no or less powder out of the machine.

Therefore, before starting the machine, it is necessary to strictly check the sealing condition of the powder locking device and adjust the sealing degree.


2. The analyzer does not perform grading function

In the operation system of Raymond mill, the analyzer is responsible for analyzing whether the fineness of the finished powder meets the standard, and does not need to return to the grinding chamber for grinding again. In the case of serious wear of the blade of the analyzer, it can not play the role of grading, which will cause the problem of too coarse or too fine powder. It is too coarse to reach the fineness standard; it is too fine to produce powder on site.

When this happens, a new blade of analyzer can be replaced.


3. The component of the fan is not adjusted properly

If the air volume of the fan is not adjusted properly, it will also lead to abnormal grinding of Raymond powder. If the air volume is too large, the powder output will be too thick; if the air volume is too small, the powder output will be too fine, and the powder output will be small.

In case of no abnormality of other parts of the machine, the air volume of the fan shall be adjusted to correct the fineness and speed of the powder output.


4. Blade failure

In the grinding process, the blade is responsible for scooping up the materials. When the blade is used for a period of time or the quality is not good enough, there will be greater wear and tear, and the materials can not be scooped up, which will also cause no or less powder.

The normal operation of the machine can be guaranteed only by replacing a new blade.


At present, after several generations of development, Raymond mill has developed from tilting Raymond mill, high-pressure roller mill, overpressure trapezoid mill to European version mill. In the process of continuous upgrading, the performance and output of the machine have been further improved.If a Raymond mill with a large amount of powder output is needed, it is suggested to select the upgraded product of Raymond Mill - European version mill, so as to meet the intensive, large-scale and standardized production demand of modern powder industry.

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