The Application of ball mill with screen

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From:Xingyang Ju Xin Machinery Co., Ltd. Data: 2020-07-20

The Application of ball mill with screen:

The ball mill with screen is also called particle mill, which is suitable for abrasive building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy and other industrial sectors, as a grinding operation for various grindable materials. Due to the particularity of the internal structure, it has a grading effect on the ground materials. It is widely used in the abrasives industry to make particle size sand. The particle grinding is fully reflected in the ferrosilicon grinding of the magnesium metal industry (to achieve the ideal 6mm particle size) The superiority of particle mill.

Structure composition of ball mill with screen:
The ball mill with screen is a continuous operation grinding equipment, which is composed of a host, a cover, a feeding hopper and a transmission device. The main machine is composed of the main shaft, the two end discs, the bearing mill, the end lining mill and the lining plate screen distributed in steps. The spherical grinding body and the material are added by the feed hopper, and the The formed closed cylinder is ejected, and the material is highly crushed due to impact and grinding. The crushed materials enter the screen partition through the perforated liner. The screen is made according to the particle size requirements of the product. The material that meets the particle size requirements is discharged through the screen hole and enters the secondary screen zone for screening. The material larger than the screen hole size is returned to the mill through the guide plate for grinding. The cover body is a closed shell made of steel plate and section steel. Its upper mouth can be connected to the powder separator, so that the mill works under negative pressure to prevent dust pollution. The lower mouth is the discharge port. The transmission device is composed of electric motor, reducer and steel coupling.

Performance characteristics of ball mill with screen
1. New type ball mill
2. The equipment comes with a screening function
3. Uniform material discharge
4. Random adjustment specifications of No. sand and section sand
5. Wide range of use and energy saving
6. Mainly used in refractory and abrasive industries
7. Simple operation
8. Quick and easy installation

Working principle of ball mill with screen:
The ball mill with screen is a central drive, edge discharge ball mill, and comes with a screen to form a closed grinding-screening circulation system. When the mill rotates, the hard balls are arranged in steps due to the friction The lining of the cloth drives the continuous ejection movement. The material is highly crushed due to the impact and grinding of the moving hard sphere. The crushed material is discharged through the perforated sieve plate and enters the sieve partition to meet the requirements. The material is discharged out of the machine through the screen, and the material larger than the size of the screen hole is returned to the mill for grinding through the guide plate. So as to better control the product granularity.

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